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Allergy Treatment


The goal of allergy treatment is to eliminate the unpleasant reaction if possible, or to reduce the severity of the response as much as possible. Everyone responds uniquely to allergens and treatments, so there are many factors in determining which treatments you should try. Dr. Waterman and his expert staff will work with you to find a solution that fits your lifestyle, so that you can worry less about allergies and more about what really matters.

There are several approaches to treating allergies. The most effective methods for treating allergies are controlling the prevalence of allergens in your environment, using medication to manage your allergic response and symptoms, and changing your immune response with controlled exposure via allergy shots. While each of these methods can be effective in treating allergies, they are often employed in combination to achieve the best results possible.

Eliminating—or at least reducing—the allergens from your environment can be a very effective means for controlling allergies. Keeping the areas where you work, relax, and exercise free of allergens can seem like an impossible task, especially when cleaning brings out the worst of your symptoms. But the long-term payoff of a little housekeeping every day is a reduction in the overall severity of your allergic response, not to mention the satisfaction a clean space can provide. Whether they admit it or not, your co-workers, friends and family will appreciate it too.

Some medications prevent allergens from causing reactions, while other medications manage the severity of those reactions. Medicines like Benadryl are useful when taken just before or during an allergic reaction, while others require a daily dose to work effectively. Whether you are prescribed allergy medication or take over-the-counter medicines for your allergy symptoms, you should discuss your treatment routine with Dr. Waterman and your allergy specialist.

Allergy shots work by changing the immune response presented by the body when encountering allergens. Repeated exposure to small precisely-measured quantities of allergens can gradually diminish the severity of allergy responses. Allergy shots are covered by most insurance companies and are available every week by walk-in appointment at our office during designated hours (see calendar below).